The Problem

Once a video has been posted online, you can't find content inside of it.

Can you find where Ephesians 3:20 was mentioned in this video later?

The Problem (continued)

We highlight our Bible and take notes in it, but our notes are not indexed or searchable.

Can you find what you need from those notes later?

The Solution

Index Bible verses, main points of sermons, churches, pastors and make them searchable with direct links to the exact time index of the video.

Search Result

Search For:

Hebrews 11:1


Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Targeted search results with relevant video sermons, video notes and exact time index in the video, ratings, from churches all over the world!

Benefits to Churches

Foster an engaged community.

Preserve textual contents of videos for ease of archive retrieval.

Benefits to Pastors

The pastor can see how he preached about a topic or Bible verse in the past.

The pastor can see how other pastors have taught the same topic or Bible verse in the past.

Benefits to Leaders

Leaders can create a playlist with video segments for a topical discussion.

Share the playlist over social media networks.

Benefits to Members

Members can review the Bible verses and main points of sermons.

Members can jump into the exact time in the video to see the pastor talk about Bible verses or main points.

Benefits to Non-Christians

Sermon videos will be searchable to more people, especially those who may be far away from Christ.

Database Population

We will build a tool to for crowd-sourcing video transcriptions to populate our database.

Every church in the world can participate!

Search Engine

Search engines are in the dark ages because they lack context.

We will shine a light to many sermon videos posted on the Internet because their contents can now be properly indexed and be made searchable.

The End Goal

Build Communities and a Platform!

Once the platform has been built, it can be re-used across a wide variety of industries such as education, entertainment and corporate training.


There will be opportunities to monetize the platform once a community has been built.

Churches who participate in the community and have ads in their YouTube videos will see increased viewership and revenue!

Bubble Notes

There's a wiser you. A stronger you. A more fortified you. A more resilient you. A peaceful you. A you that stresses less and praises more. There's a you that has untapped potential and capability that you hadn't met yet. And God wants to grab the old you and pull face to face with the new you. [42m33s]

In the future each note bubble will have the following functionality:

Like Notes

Click Count

Rate Notes

Share with Social Media

External Links

Edit Notes


In the future, we will support many devices natively to provide the best user experience.

Social Media

We will integrate and work with various social media networks, not only to disseminate information but also to gather trends and analytics.


What we will eventually build is a search engine, unlike any other.

Its search results will be Bible and Christian focused.

It will make discovering, learning, and experiencing the word of God like never before by linking the Bible, to churches, relevant video sermons and even social media.

How You Can Help

If you want to help in this ground- breaking project that will help millions of Christians around the world, contact:

Louiery R. Sincioco (a.k.a. Sin)
(303) 570-7776


What We Need

We believe the concept for is unique. To execute and deliver this idea to the world we will need your support to bring it to life. Here are areas where we need help:

  • Transcribers - so we can index more videos from YouTube.

  • Copywriters - so someone can proof read our content.

  • Marketing - so we can spread the idea of to the world.

  • Testers - so we can verify the quality of our execution.

  • Users (like you) - so we can start building a community.